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Thread: An Apology to Magdalene

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    Default An Apology to Magdalene

    As some of the bros know i've posted a thread about irresponsible models earlier. i mention tat mag didn't reply my email and pm after i sent her shooting details. She've replied in my thread explaining and apologising why she never reply.

    By posting here, i want to let everyone know that i'm acting too harsh towards mag. i was too impatient and jumping into conclusion too quick. and i'm linking her to all my recent bad experience which isn't right.

    I wish to say:" I'm sorry Magdalene!"

    you are still one of the most professional model i would really love to work with in the future. Photographers who have worked with you will know what i mean.

    Please don't be sad about my earlier comments, and pls pardon my bad english lol.

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    Default Re: An Apology to Magdalene

    message is sent, thread closed


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