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Thread: which tripod? specific requirements

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    Default which tripod? specific requirements

    I know that there are 1001 threads on tripod recommendations but I have some specific requirements.

    I will be mainly be used for travelling so weight is an issue, prefably under 1 kg. And deployment must be fast. I think some brands have special fast deployment tripods right? Example manfrotto neotec looks really good. Does other brands like gitzo have such tech?

    My heaviest gear is D700 with 14-24mm so that is around 2kg. no heavy tele lens.

    Budget hopefully around $500. max $1k.

    any help is really appreciated as there are many tripod brands nowadays. I only know the famous ones like gitzo and manfrotto. I will be leaving in this week so I need to get the tripod real soon.
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    Default Re: which tripod? specific requirements

    Since you have such a high budget, you may wanna pop by at CP-P to try out some as they have the widest range of tripods over there.

    Manfrotto and Gitzo included

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    Default Re: which tripod? specific requirements

    Gitzo CF tripod(series1) with good ballhead will cost >$1k. Please also take note of quick release plate cost.

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    Default Re: which tripod? specific requirements

    I went bought the gitzo G0541 and G1178M ball head + one extra QR plate. $850 from K13.

    My lens + camera is all under 2kg. no flash so I think should be ok.


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