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Thread: Help Needed, on what camera to buy.

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    I also agree. After SLR, den dry cabi. den more glass, den more filters, den ... ... ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Complex13717421 View Post
    On a side note, if you are considering a PnS or Bridge-camera due to budget, you could actually check out the BnS (buy and sell) section of the forums, there are some 2nd hand camera deals, which wouldn't cost more than 600, Like a D40 + lens. Just treat it like a Bridge-camera and never remove the lens =P

    If your significant other is a tech junkie, a DSLR would be quite a surprise! I'm just thinking outside the box! If you do intend to get a used DSLR, remember to ask for help also in case u get chopped from dishonest seller!
    Haha, he's more of a computer junkie. but he likes to take pictures as a hobby xD I wouldnt mind trying for a second hand bridge, but i dont think im experienced in this area to check if the camera is in working conditions and what nots. xD Quite a hassle,no? xD

    Quote Originally Posted by ed9119 View Post
    kekeke I think this is an intelligent lady.... she is quite steadfast about not getting him a DSLR...

    if she gets him a DSLR, and he gets poisoned, SHE might be downgraded to 2nd wife behind the camera equiptment
    Hahah! :x ah, you exposed my hidden agenda.. anws, yah lor. all the attention would be placed onto the DSLR. haha. wouldn't want that happening

    Actually, he just mentioned a couple of days ago, that he does not need a DSLR. it's unnecessary, and he'd like to get for himself a bridge or just a normal compact camera would do fine. so, since he said that..DSLR is prolly nt smth he wants at the moment .
    can be saved for like his future present. haha.
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    Hey guys. Thanks for all your help. Bought a Compact Cam for my SO already.
    And because you guys helped me so much, thought it was only right that i told you guys
    what i got la. haha

    I got him a FujiFilm, it's 10.2megapix. with face detection , & all the neccessary functions.
    Got it for $235. I hope he likes it. Guess its d thought that counts anyways

    Thanks all!

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    Nikon P90.

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