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Thread: Lower Seletar Sunrise

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    hi, to be frank, i see no sunrise, upon first impression it looks like a water color painting with patches of dark blue.. in short, it doesn't look like a photograph

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    lovely. smth really interesting!! i stay ard the area too hehe.. try pop art feel next time keke
    picture perfect

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    An early morning train ride to work. Locked door before sun rises. Sunrise unpredictable, that's why bring along camera everyday. Not every Sunday has got a guarantee beautiful sunrise. The fact is Sunday wanted to patch up more sleep time. Train is crowded, has to stand by doorway to shoot. Train travel at 70-80 kph. Fleeting moment to compose and shoot. Against the light situation. Only can get this view from the train level ( height ).

    All stated above are against all odds.

    Mistake...trying to force the colour out from nature. Result...unnatural.

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