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Thread: What to buy?

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    Default What to buy?

    My friend posed me a real life question which I got a problem answering because I knew he'll probably really heed.

    His question is,

    "If I got $4,000.00 to spurge, which SLR system should I buy? What bodies, what lenses? I like shooting people and places."

    Anyone can give me good ideas before I really answer him?

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    Mamiya 645?
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    Default Feel...

    $4000 in SGD? not enough... but if its $40000 then

    TC 1.4x & 2x
    lots of fujifilm
    some CF

    of coz..the answer 2 the reallife qn can b found it on of the above following items

    i recomend canon EF system. suffice 2 say that i m not groovy or artistically serious enough to play with MF or rangefinders...i respect people who know how 2 handle those stuff. my recommendation is more for "toys boys" fun with the latest techic gadgets that cater 2 the primal aggressive instincts. of coz the EF system is a proven benchmark. it works well as well as give us the thrills of new gear. nikon is also a competent system but i had long hard psychological struggles with lenses exude a very subtle, classic yet comfortably snug feel; and the F5/D1 series feel and handle quite ok..but something is just missing. its very impresively rock solid but not smooth i would say.. i really dunno...its like 1 piece of the jigsaw went astray, but the moment i pick up a canon EOS 1 series bodies just feels just perfect. i tried to rationalise by throwing soem of the nikon advantages..but no. the decisive factor is the feel that i get from just picking up the EOS 1 series body. the smooth curves,the touch, ergonomics, the decisive shutter mechanism blistering through in contnuous film advance; the lightning fast; silky smooth;silent yet accurate and responsive AF...everything! its the "feel" factor. yeah i can go on extolling the virtues of it all; not to mention that the beauty of L series lenses are an enigma in its own right...these are precision instruments for those who really appreciate their power and beauty. end of the day its about how man,machine, AND vision bcome 1.

    i may sound like a blind preacher, a gearhead, a techie junkie...whatever. i am only just trying to use my own experiences to illusrate my point vividly(hopefully i is). the point is go for the FEEL. like how u buy clothes. they may look plain but they must FEEL good. so pick up the body and coresponding lenses... and feel for the right sensation.

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    A very cockanadun but potentially possible answer is to choose the brand that most of his other friends have...reasoning being he can borrow/try out equipment that he needs to use once in a while and hence not worth purchasing.

    Other than that, he needs to narrow down options (most likely between Canon and Nikon as they have the most comprehensive range of SLR equipment) and see which one he feels more comfortable with. Sounds illogical but there are some who swear by X brand cameras while others will die defending their Y brand cameras.

    As a start, does he want to go film or digital...with $4,000 both options are possible. Read the sticky thread in the Canon sub-forum on newbie's guide to EOS systems, the author has stated factors to choose between film and digital.

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    Go for the current trend ..... digital camera.

    With $4k, imo relative complete system to get is Canon EOS300D with 2 lens plus flash light should be around the range.

    But please do some homework first for the brands ( eg. Canon and Nikon system ) before deciding which and what to buy. Each has their pros and cons.

    Finally, what he really wants out of photography. Starting this hobby needs a lots of passion to go on ......... sometimes PNS may be good enough.

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    Default hehehehe.....$4000


    My a $350++ cam and $100 on film.

    Spend the rest of $3550 to travel to 2 -3 countries to catch exotic season photos....



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    Quote Originally Posted by Cheesecake
    Mamiya 645?
    It's people AND PLACES.

    I don't think a Medium Format would be easy to lug around for landscapes....

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    Anyone got more ideas?

    Or maybe anyone can give a list of any particular system with prices and I'll pass it to him.

    Maybe that will stop him from bugging me.

    Why I'm asking here because I wanted some unbiased list.

    Please help.

    His budget is $4k.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eyes
    My friend posed me a real life question which I got a problem answering because I knew he'll probably really heed.

    His question is,

    "If I got $4,000.00 to spurge, which SLR system should I buy? What bodies, what lenses? I like shooting people and places."

    Anyone can give me good ideas before I really answer him?

    Since you like to shoot places.....

    Get a F75, a 24mm f/2.8 for landscape, and a 50mm f/1.8 for portaits (both cheap and good lenses) and use the remaining $$$ to travel and shoot what you love.
    (Imagine travelling to scenic spots in SE.Asia and bringing back wonderful memories and photos...)

    The remaining $$ will buy lots rolls of film and pay for several rolls of prints.
    (P.S if you get a Minolta Dual Scan III @ $500++, you only need to pay to develop the roll and scan your 35mm to digital....)

    If you are looking at a DSLR setup, (Prices are approx...)
    Assuming 300D @ $1800 with kit lens to use for landscapes.
    Add a 550EX ($600), 1GB CF ($400)
    That's abt $2800, not adding optional things like, vertical grip, spare batt, tripod for landscape.
    But you will end up having low cash to do other things and stuck in Singapore and shoot locally......

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    10D - $2500 ++
    17-40L - $1200 ++
    420EX - $300 ++

    oops over budget
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    Quote Originally Posted by megaweb
    10D - $2500 ++
    17-40L - $1200 ++
    420EX - $300 ++

    oops over budget
    u forgot abt the CF cardz .....

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    I just dawn upon me (yeah yeah... i am a slow learner :P) that there really isn't one system is all encompassing; every system has its merits and not-so-merits (not necessary demerits). Hence, the system that your friend may like to go into depends very much on he expects out of his cameras, lens, and of course photographs. If i may be allowed to express my 2 pence worth:

    If he's looking for good and fast lenses, a value for money option, consider the Canon. If he's looking for good lenses, backward compatibility for all AF/MF cameras, go for the Nikon. If great colours, good out of camera results, low noise at high iso, get the fuji (s2). If form factors and mobility is important (demands of travelling for example) with good output, go for Oly E-x,xx series. If full colour reproduction is important, like loads of landscape work where details are essential, get the sigma SD series with foveon.

    So the final decision lies in what your friend feels is important to him.

    And yes, i do believe the system your friends use could be counted in your decision as well.

    If he happens to be new to photography, or just digital photography for that matter, why not consider the prosumer range of cameras before he decides to invest seriously into a particular system. The S7000, A1, 828 are great for a all-rounder learning experience.

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