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Thread: Photography niche for ebook

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    Default Photography niche for ebook

    I'm planning to write an ebook on wedding photography which I intend to market later on. Am thinking what niche I should be going into.

    Some of my initial thoughts are as follows:

    - posing tips for the amateur wedding photographer
    - photoshop for the amateur wedding photographer
    - how to set up a wedding photography business
    - how to be a successful wedding photographer
    - lighting techniques for wedding photography

    Any other suggestions of niches I shd go into? I'm trying to put myself in the shoes of photographers who are starting out and put together a comprehensive guide book which would help them in their journey.

    Grateful for all your thoughts!

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    Default Re: Photography niche for ebook

    Hi, an idea that came to mind that was not like the convectional wedding photography books was about learning about the lifestyle of the wedding photographer, and rather how the whole process of being a wedding photographer. Many books I have read have been through many of the technicalities of shooting such blissful events; some that come to mind are like the different type of shots, how to get the people comfortable around you etc, some even include specimen contracts for a greenhorn.

    In a book that would spike my attention would be something similar to a blog (well, actually most photographers do have a blog) but something more detailed. Something like, how preparation was done, what are the thoughts of the photographer. These can either be written in a first person, or a third person whom can also be the assistant of the photographer, which might also give certain interesting insights from our commonly read stuff.

    Hmm... That's all for now. Getting abit sleepy. Just my thoughts...

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