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Thread: Price to charge as new model?

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    Question Price to charge as new model?

    Hi Clubsnap!

    Although my passion lies ultimately with photography, i'm currently doing freelance modeling to fund my expensive and expansive hobby. Having said that, i set up an account at a site called Model Mayhem, i'm sure some of you have heard of it.
    I was recently approached by a photographer with the following query:

    I'm organizing a group photo shoot for newbie photographers to expand their portfolio.
    Just want to ask how much is your rate per hour for:
    Glamor / Fashion="

    Now then, i've spent the better part of the last hour on these forums trying to gauge a price range, but have come up absolutely empty on answers.
    I've read much about "Charge how much you think you're worth" but as i've mentioned, i have very little professional experience, and have never given an "hourly" rate before.

    I also read in these forums (from the photographer's point of view), that an experienced photographer could look at the pictures of a model and roughly gauge how much he thinks he/she is worth --> which lead me to post this thread.

    Here is my profile on the site:

    If possible i'd just like a ballpark figure out there of how much i should charge, based on my experience and previous projects, thanks

    Sorry, no shmexy eye candy on the other side of that link, i'm male

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    Would really appreciate input on this fairly soon, thanks ^^; absolutely clueless.

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    Smile Re: Price to charge as new model?

    U hav the potential... instead should work harder to build up ur own portfolio... carefully chosing photog to work with...

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    Thanks Yup, i'll continue building it up.

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    very interesting facial features
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    I would suggest that in your port, you should have at least a clear shot (centre, left, right) of your face. If people cant see you, they wouldnt spend time writing and begging you for a clear picture.
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    Thanks to both of you for the compliment and the suggestion; i've already decided on a rate with the photographer.
    Jacephoto, i don't really see the relevance of your comment in this context ^^; i've never been begged for a clearer picture, nevertheless it might be useful to do as you say


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