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Thread: Exploring west Sumatera

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    Hello all,
    I'm a Canadian traveling (currently) in West Sumatera, and was hoping the photographic community on these forums might be able to provide me with some photography-related insights into the region. I plan on traveling over the course of the next few weeks, primarily by motorbike. Aiming to shoot a mix of landscapes and portraits. Of course, the forecast for the next 10 days in scattered thunderstorms, which might make for some interesting shooting conditions.


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    Which part of West Sumatera you travel? I am actually planning to go there too, but latest check air ticket is expensive on my available schedule.
    Maybe you can consider Bukit tinggi, my friend recommends that place.

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    I've currently been relaxing in Bukittinggi. Shoot the market today, head to Danau Maninjau tomorrow. Might be teaching English for a couple of weeks in a town near Bukittinggi (assuming it's somewhere scenic). Probably see the Harau Valley. I'm up for covering a good bit of space.


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    We will be gathering in Padang and Bukittinggi in a few weeks and this thread below (once you sift through the babble contains a 6 day itinerary which has good information

    Otherwise, you should register at and search or post there for similar information that is photography related ..... they should have a chapter of members in the Padang area

    good luck



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