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    Default Hello !~

    I'm new here !
    Just planning to get myself a dslr .
    i have two camera in my mind is canon 500d or nikon d5000 ! .
    i just cant make up my mind , well my main purpose is i want a camera
    at lowlight/night the picture quality wont so dark w/o using flash , as flash sometime kind of irriating to other people .
    Mp dont really matter much
    And i just concern about the picture qaulity , i new . but i have the passion to learn
    so i hope there any pros or user using canon 500d or nikon d5000 give advice.


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    Default Re: Hello !~

    Gettinga DSLR will not necessary yield better results if you do not know the basics of photography. A compact PnS can do the job with a tripod too. Of course it will still depend on the subject (static or in motion).
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