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    Do u like dolphins?
    Watch The Cove at GV. Starring Richard O'Barry, the icon TV show Flipper's (ex) head trainer. Find out why he stopped training dolphins & became campaigning against dolphins in captivity.
    The trailer
    The killing season starts around 1 Sep. Help the dolphins, sign the petition at There are only 29k+ signatures, the target is 50k.

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    This petition is to WAZA (The World Association for Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) is the world's largest network of zoos and aquariums around the world.) Please sign this too...
    Help put an end to shark finning!

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    Went to watch just now. Disgusting !! I have also signed the petition there.
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    Just caught the show... very interesting documentary... an update on 1st Sept:

    Looks like the slaughtering has stopped for the time being... wonder if it will be forever...


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