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Thread: Just saying hi - newbie here :)

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    Smile Just saying hi - newbie here :)

    Hi all,

    Just saying hello to everyone. After many years, I've finally made a dSLR purchase. I'm still learning with every photograph that I am taking and am thrilled by what's captured, be it good or bad.

    So far, I've been reading up as much as I can on the Internet & through CS forums and from all the experienced snappers and even bought a couple of books.

    Hoping to learn as much as I can from you guys and hopefully one day, when I'm trained enough, to impart the knowledge I've learned as well.


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    Minolta. Konica Minolta. Sony

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    hey grey-fox!

    Welcome to CS!

    Have you found that you tend to take certain type of shots more? eg. portraits, architecture, landscapes? Any preferences will guide the type of techniques you need to learn, and advice you can get from the forum.

    i just did my first event shoot - a concert! Learnt about the limitations of my gear, how to work with it. Also there were several other photographers who were there and we all shared about our experiences!

    It is a very friendly community - enjoy your journey!!

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    Canon EOS "Luxury"

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    Thanks for the warm welcome all

    @gargle, I'm very much interested in architecture/landscape & macro shooting and learning as I go at the moment. I'm currently working with what I have on hand at the moment and will read up further before thinking about purchasing other items that might be needed and yup, I'll need to find out the limitations of my current equipment and then, to understand it better.


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