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Thread: IR-Shots on Sony F717

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    Question IR-Shots on Sony F717

    I have just taken a photo with my Sony F717 by using Nightshot function (without additional filter). I saw some of the photos in other forums that they claimed the photos taken by IR (aka nightshot in Sony terms). How does one adjust the color/saturation/contrast or whatever in Photoshop to make the shot looks beautiful?

    Hope some of you here can enlighten me. Thanks.

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    I would seriously recommand getting a IR filter if you plan to do IR shots. It should cost about S$40/- at MSC. Else the photos will turn out to be too grainy for any use. On top of that, use black tape to cover the 2 IR beams beside the lens of the 717.

    As for PS, i just desaturate the photo into black and white. After that, you could always play around with paint and fill it up selectively with colours. Hope it helps.

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    there is ways to play with it..
    currently there is 2 type of filters available to play with. there is more available overseas.
    1 is the 1000nm filter, GTS2 (u know where to get it)the so call xray. or the hoya RM90 (quite rare but still able to get)
    2 is the R72 hoya filter, it gives a lighter shade.

    anyway, i use the 1000nm to take outdoor shots & the R72 to take indoor cos in outdoor, the 1000nm in bright daylight show better saturation, the R72 shows over exposure, but in cloudy day you might wanna use a R72.

    if your picture appear to be grainy, you may wanna use a IR lamp to enhance the IR ray, but there will be a centre spotting.

    need to play around to know which condition uses which filter. grainy pics mean the amount of light is insufficient.
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