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    Harvey Norman is a nice place to buy thing, photography item too. Sales person are mostly helpful and they smile , unlike some camera shops. So I don't think anyone is a sucker buying things there.

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    Well, so far they have been able to convince me plentiful plentiful. Maybe I'm a sucker for whatever is thrown out. Why? Cos still very young and not as knowledgeable mah... lolxxx...

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    Harvy Norman at funan is just like any other camera shop around that area. They can give you the typical street price that you can get from shops like cp, ms and j3:16, however, you will need to pay cash, pretty much like any other shops. Good thing is the funan branch usually very quiet and not crowded like the other popular camera shops.

    Lens wise, the funan branch sells original and sigma, not sure about stock level though. However, do not assume that since HN is a big shop, can just let your guard down. Approach them with care like how you will approach any other camera shops.

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