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Thread: Some IR shots of Botanical Gardens

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    Quote Originally Posted by wormz777
    I was using the Canon G2.

    1) Put on the IR filter
    2) On the camera(Picture on lcd shld be reddish)
    3) Set custom WB (Picture should be like monochrome)
    4) Adjust the exposure
    5) Take the picture

    Its that easy!~
    Hi womz777,

    following your said steps, can you please post a sample pic of the one b4 PS? ie. the 'Picture should be like monochrome' version. I am new to these, so can't visualize what to set for the white balance.

    maybe u can teach me how to switch the color channels? I use PS channel mixer but don't seem to be able to get the different colors. Do you have to select diff area of the pic?

    appreciate your help. thanks.
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    Hi wormz777,
    Very nice IR photos you've taken

    I think The Canon G series are very suitable to take sharp pics of IR.

    Take a look at this from Photosig, Taken by bluesky

    He had taken very good IR by using G1 and G3.


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