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    'ello! Looking for advice..

    I just got a tamron 19-35 lens from Alan photo, and at 19mm, it has pretty bad barrel distortion only on the right side of the image, so photos with lots of tall buildings look quite weird.

    Firstly, is this normal? I did expect some distortion, but I kinda thought it should be more evenly balanced on all sides of the image, and not all on one side.

    Second, would Alan photo allow for an exchange for an identical product just to see if it's just a bad lens that I happened to get?

    Newbie here, so please fill me in if I've got anything wrong!
    Merry belated Christmas!

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    Any sample pictures to show us? Any wide angle lens would produce perspective distortion, but you mentioned 'pretty bad barrel distortion only on the right side of the image'.

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    Hrmm ok... here's the photo where I first noticed it. it's a bit soft 'coz of hand shake, but just see if the distortion is sort of one-sided or whether it's just something wrong with my eyes


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