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Thread: Sphere of Spheres !!!!!

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    Default Sphere of Spheres !!!!!

    Life is cool :)

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    Haha.. I really like this lighting but I guess it's not electrical-bill-friendly to be installed in my house. =)

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    probably better to isolate the sides lights as they seem redundant and make this look like a snap shot.
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    looks like you shot this through a window? Some of the side lights are also reflections.

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    it looks almost graphical. like you rendered them lol

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    thanks for comments..

    yes it was taken through glass.
    no graphics..this stuff is hanging in one showroom near Outram park MRT.

    I like it because to me it looks like a please dont laugh !!!! ...looks like a VIRUS to me.

    well shaped ..symmetry.....something quite intresting to me.
    Life is cool :)


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