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Thread: Santorini Island, Greece

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicky
    Hi Raptor and Oeyvind ,

    I did not use a polariser and yes the photos have gone through PS. Some were colour corrected, others level adjusted due to underexposure because of those bright walls.

    By the way Raptor, your previous post mistaken the lens as 28-135mm ? It was the 28-105mm lens.

    i'm truly impress you can ultilise that lens (which i have too, but my photos are kinda lousy) too such great level...

    i went to france, but the lighting (sun light) just didn't work out for me... or rather my skills too lousy.. it was raining all day and for 2-3 days while i was in Paris...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Godzilla Invades
    Wah after you posted more photos, i feel that i must make a trip to this island. How much did you spend on this trip? Where and how long you stay? Any tips?

    All your photos are excellent. Very sharp!
    The flight ticket that I got is around $1300 to Athens via Istanbul. This is by Turkish Airlines and I chose this because I wanted to see Turkey before proceeding to Greece. It was a backpacking trip. If I exclude expenses in Turkey we incurred around $2500 (incl the flight ticket) for 5 days in Athens and Santorini. These expenses are for reasonable lodging (ard 3/4 star) and dining experiences. If on a budget, it can be much lower. Spent about 2 days in Athens going through the ancient city of Acropolis where you have the Parthenon and other temples, and other ancient structures throughout Athens.

    I would suggest to island-hop the Greek islands instead of just going to Satorini. 2 days per island is good enough in my opinion. Other islands worth considering are Mykonos (famous for its nightlife with trendy bars & cafes, and also its beaches and windmills), Naxos and Paros. You can find more information on the net on what's the specialty of each of the better islands. Or you can seek assistance from travel agents in Athens when you're there, to help you plan the ferry rides and accomodation on the islands. While in Santorini, you'll need to rent a car as the island is big and the attractions are scattered.

    Oh yes, if you are a student, bring your student card along as you'll be entitled to student-rate tickets at most attractions. Hope these helps.
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    Hi yamcake ,

    I guess I was lucky as it was sunny, and most lens when stopped down in sunny condition will give good results.

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    Great Pictures. I love those pictures featuring the buildings.

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