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Thread: How the experience Snappers do it??

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    Default Re: How the experience Snappers do it??

    For newbie, just use one of the aperture priority or shutter priority mode. The camera will decide the correct exposure and there is no guesswork. If it turns out too dark or too bright, just dial in the appropriate exposure compensation to nail the correct exposure for the 2nd shot.

    After about 10000+ pictures, the photographer would probably have gained more or less sufficient experience to judge what is the correct manual setting to use most of the time after the first shot.

    Quote Originally Posted by conkeychua View Post
    Hi Snappers,

    I understand that most of the experience snappers here would probably be using M-mode for effect, sharpness, contrast etc.... But given the different combination of Shutter speed, ISO and Apperture, i would like to know the following on some occation where the target is moving and not posing for you.

    Thanks alot

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    Default Re: How the experience Snappers do it??

    Quote Originally Posted by conkeychua View Post
    But i do know that after sometime, quite a number of people will just use 5 ways out of the 8000 ways becuase in terms of IQ and probably being experience in the 5 ways they just stuck to them.
    So am trying to explore as many ways as i can and choose the few ways to my liking...
    With your 2nd statement you confirm that finally you will also be one of those using only 5 ways... and IQ is used here in forum as "Image Quality".
    Try to focus in exploring 8000 ways. No point running from wedding to bird park to zoo to sunset at Punggol to night scenery in city ... Each has it's own challenges, it all goes back to knowing the light, how the camera works and what you want to achieve. Then select the right tools (settings, modes, filters ...)

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