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Thread: WW2 Japanese Naval pilots training

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    Default WW2 Japanese Naval pilots training

    Well, I was doing some research in WW2 materials & found this interesting video in youtube from a Japanese site.

    I am very impressed with their gymnastic abilities. This is 60years ago, the trainees were usually university students much like our NS boys. However, during the last phase of the war, they were trained specifically to do only one mission. To die for their country by crashing their planes with 500lb bombs into enemy positions that were usually American warships. Aka Kamikaze.

    Anyway, I'm not generating propaganda. Just wonder how many of us could do what they did in our NS days now. The training inside the rotating rattan cage is most likely for G-force simulation.
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    Default Re: WW2 Japanese Naval pilots training

    They trained hard so they can kill our fellow asians and forefathers.

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    Default Re: WW2 Japanese Naval pilots training

    wow. interesting. Thanks for sharing...

    very innovative training methods. I hope someone in Air Force would adopt them!
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    Judging from the positive reactions, this piece of Propaganda has done its job.

    Do you really think the Japs are going to film scared young boys peeing in their pants as they are forced to volunteer to pilot Kamikaze planes? Or the peer pressure to volunteer to go to war for the Emperor Diety?

    These actors or soldiers were the finest chosen for the film. It would be nice to have every soldier in the SAF do this too. But this is a propaganda movie. So take it with a pinch of salt.

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    Default Re: WW2 Japanese Naval pilots training

    come again, 3G SAF gonna kick their ass...

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    Default Re: WW2 Japanese Naval pilots training

    Why so impressed with propaganda film?

    You know, it bears no semblance to reality.
    The Nazis made a propaganda film of Jews living luxurious lives listening to orchestra music performance in their leisurely stay at Nazi concentration camp. So after watching that, you believe that too?

    This is what the Nazis actually made and showed....
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    Default Re: WW2 Japanese Naval pilots training

    TS, thanks for the link.


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