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    Hi guys,

    Did a search on LX3 battery but couldnt find anything, maybe using wrong keywords.

    Like to get an extra battery for my LX3. ebay selling compatible 1 from USD10 onwards. Original is from SGD30 onwards.

    Any idea how much is it in Singapore shops?

    I already have 1 original and 1 compatible battery, but hope to get the original if price not too high.

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    I ordered from ebay, US$10 for 2. Working well so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by harzhi View Post
    I ordered from ebay, US$10 for 2. Working well so far.
    Aiyaif only I know about this earlier then aiyo...I'd not have wasted another about SGD$20 for my purchased of two-extra-3rd-party-batteries liao lah
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    although me using 1 compatible batt, but seriously doubt the reliability of it..


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