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Thread: 12/14: Halong Bay, Vietnam

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    Wink 12/14: Halong Bay, Vietnam

    Had to wake up at 6am for this trip to Halong Bay on 12/14...

    The magical landscape of Halong Bay

    Grotto of Hang Dau Go (Grotte des Merveilles)

    Cleaning vegetables, some people do live on boats here.

    Another magnificent view of Halong Bay

    More information and photos taken on 12/14, do visit this section of my gallery.

    P.S. All shots were taken handheld... ^^
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    The mountains look like paintings.. I like...

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    Default Great Shots!


    I think your shots are great. More Photojournalism than landscapes.

    My favourite is your people shot. It has all the ingredient in a superb photo. Your fill in was spot on with well expose background. Colours are very rich against a monotone background. I am glad you added that little red plastic which makes your compo balance. I guess you must be using around 20-24mm lens (based on a 35mm SLR) as the person is not distorted.

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    That washing vegetable shot was taken with a EF16-35mm L @ 19mm on a 1.6x crop D60... that's about 30mm view on FF, there's a slight distortion at that focal length.

    If you want more people shots, do check out these:

    And also the Sa Pa section when it's ready... ^^

    Do have a great New Year!


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