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Thread: Word up from Newbie!!

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    Talking Word up from Newbie!!

    Hi all, hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I just got a new digital camera after doing some research in this forum (very helpful ). Due to my tight budget, I got a little 'not too fantastic but hey what the heck' type of digital camera. Hoping to learn more from the experts here as I enter into the world of digital photography. Please do favour me and hope to get to know you all soon

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    Welcome to clubsnap!

    Wat cam di U buy ?

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    Welcome welcome... This is a fantastic place to be...

    Really glad I chance upon this website as well

    So what did u get as Areality had asked

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    Welcome welcome...looking through your profile it seems you've been having some fun with your new digicam!

    Your DiMAGE Z1 is pretty decent already...

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    Hi all...many thanks for your kind welcome and comments, greatly appreciate it . Just like Ah Pao mentioned, I got a Minolta Dimage Z1 from MS Colour. Nice guy called Ken stood there patient while I bombarded him with tons of questions. Got it for like $799 with 256mb SD and a bunch of other stuffs. I know I could have gotten it cheaper else where but I needed the UOB 6 month installment thingy....
    Any tips for a Dimage Z1 holder? I am still getting used to it and going through the manual now

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    Feel free to ask questions you are not sure of, but always use this button first as it is the fastest to your answer

    Enjoy your new camera.

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    Welcome to Clubsnap

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    The best source of information is from the internet..
    Go google, search around, read as many technical information as U can, then go out, apply it, & post the beautiful pictures here!!!


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