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Thread: Ke Tai ...Where is the thread

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    Default Ke Tai ...Where is the thread

    Saw the thread on 7 month shooting 'Ke Tai" today is the first day of the 7th mth. Where is the thread goes and is there anyone our there know where are those Ke Tai located for us to shoot???
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    Default Re: Ke Tai ...Where is the thread

    I know a website where there are some Getai dates and venue..
    Getai Listing

    YES! Getai is back.. My favourite time of the year..
    I love listening to Getai!! The hokkien songs are my favourite!

    Not forgetting LEE PEI FEN!!!
    Love her songs and the way she hosts!!!

    But too bad, will be unavailable to catch these performances due to exams and also my Aust trip next week.
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