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Thread: Nikon D40 or Canon 350D Rebel XT

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    Default Nikon D40 or Canon 350D Rebel XT

    yep another one of those threads... i read up alot on both cameras at DP review and was amazed by the information..too much to swallow seriously

    Both cameras are apparently great...with the nikon edging out in the kit lens department

    i did set my heart on the D40 if i could find one at around $400 but so far no luck.

    so i'm looking to the Canon 350D as well... its within the budget for me.

    Probably be nice to hear it straight from users who have utilised both cameras and give their feedbacks

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    Default Re: Nikon D40 or Canon 350D Rebel XT

    I suggest a search on here. Back when these cameras were new, there were about 30 "D40 or 350D" threads.

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    i started off learning photography on a D40x, and if there's ONE thing i loved about it, was the 'help' menus that was really a big help. it explains almost every option in the camera at the press of a button.

    but if you ask me, between the two, go for the brand that most of your friends use, so you can learn together (and share equipment).

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    Default Re: Nikon D40 or Canon 350D Rebel XT

    I would go for the d40, the screen is much bigger than 350d
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