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Thread: Buying a used camera.

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    Default Buying a used camera.

    I am considering buying a used digital camera and need advise on how to choose and check the condition of the camera like:
    dead/hot/stuck pixel
    ps would buying from cs reputable forumers help?

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    Not much experience dealing with 2nd hand cameras, but my suggestions would be:

    1. Visual inspection to see for mold/fungus and whatever scratches.
    2. Take pictures and see if it is to your expected quality. Best if you could download to a PC and see it full size.
    3. Operations, get hold a copy of the manual and famliarise yourself with the different modes and controls and make sure they work expectedly.

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    thanks, for suggestions #2 and #3 not sure whether the seller will bring u home and test it on his pc and let u read thru the manual and test every functions one by one.

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    2)Bring a laptop along to test
    3)Download the manual online and print out a copy to familiarize yourself beforehand.

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    Where to get 2nd hand DSLR?

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    here at clubsnap buy and sell section


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