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Thread: How do you use your wide angle lens???

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    Default How do you use your wide angle lens???

    I've just been given a 17-40L lens for Christmas and am itching to use it. My main interest is in landscape photography and I would like to learn what is the best way to make the most of the lens. Should I aim to make objects look a little distorted? Can anyone share some of their techniques? thanks

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    What a great gift for the season! Congrats!

    Try shooting from various angles and see which you like best. You can try taking some whereby you are very close to the subject where it will look generally large at the widest angle or stepping back a little to make it look better. Play around with the zoom and experiment, check through the viewfinder.

    Photography can be very individual, you just need to explore and check what you may like best. It's an art too.

    Just my 2 cents worth

    Have fun!

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    I like to use mine wide open. The following shot was taken early on a cold morning with poor light. I like the ever slight distortion and the sharpness. The original is a tad sharper... the scripts have degraded the pic slightly.

    I often use it for "in your face" shots. I love to shoot kids with this lens.

    Best used at wide and about f/8 upwards.


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