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Thread: WTS Ibook ( clamp Shell Model )

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    Default WTS Ibook ( clamp Shell Model )

    Its abt 3 yrs old. Come with a G3 Ibook 366Mhz, 128M , 512K local cache, 6G Hd, 24XCDROM, on board USB, Modem, 10/100 Ethernet, No bad pixle on the LCD. Good working condition except speaker sound Querky when turn too loud and the Re-charagable Batt no longer works.

    Comes with box accessories, Mac Power adapter, Mac 9 OS recovery Disc, 3rd pary Mac Mouse, Preloaded with Mac X OS (Panther) , Miscrosoft Office Mac X, Adobe Photoshop CS 8.0 for Mac.

    Pretty decent if you plan to use it to play MP3, Watch some movies, some photo editing and surf the web. Can't Do Video rendering though coz its a bit heavy on it running Mac X OS.

    Selling for a friend asking for $450. Interested PM me.

    Will throw in a Brand New Cisco Laptop Back pack to carry it back. And the iBook is Black with tranlucent white.
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    And updated

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    hi again.. how much is a replacement batt? and how does the PS8 run on the mac?
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    Quote Originally Posted by denizenx
    hi again.. how much is a replacement batt? and how does the PS8 run on the mac?
    I think you can get a replacement batt at $230.. some one was selling on on the web brand new at $200.

    PS8 is a Mac version. Its not running on Virtual PC. So it runs good its the similar as the PC version.


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