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Thread: Stone Age digital talk

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    Default Stone Age digital talk

    The threads were from Clubsnap's 'ancient' times....... 7+ years back

    The way everything's moved since then...... feels like an entire generation and more has passed... some of these older threads (where EVERYONE was registered in 2002-2003 ) make for interesting hindsight reading......... the specs, the pricings .......... and compare to similar today

    April 2003 thread

    Feb 2002 thread

    March 2002 thread

    Willy Foo in his younger days

    Treasure the search button. Search function is a key to our 'historical' archives.....most of these threads are locked and cannot be brought back to 'life' via an updated post in said thread ...... back to today's newspapers ........

    I still remember very vividly, how one guy declared then in another thread that 2nd hand DSLR prices would NEVER drop below $1000 (that was before the EOS300D was launched )......

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    IMHO, sometimes search function in CS is a but lacking (note: not saying not good). So, proper technique / key words is needed when searching...

    However, I found that Google can help a lot in this. Always type what I want, add the key word "Clubsnap", google will give me the result I want


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