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    Photoscholar presents
    Travel Photography Workshop


    5 September, Saturday, 1pm to 4pm


    The Riverwalk, 20 Upper Circular Rd, #01-01
    Centrally located along Singapore River, in between Clarke Quay & Boat Quay.
    3 mins walk from Clarke Quay MRT or 12 mins walk from Raffles Place or City Hall MRT


    A travel photography workshop with a strong focus on how to shoot images suitable for microstock. It's part of our earn as you learn programme.

    Learn how to take better travel photographs with practical tips, techniques, tricks and approaches.

    This is a comprehensive workshop with insights, advices and experienced gathered from a decade of collective experience in travel photography. Our team of instructors have travelled to shoot around the world, from Cambodia to Cuba.

    A review session to provide feedback on your past works with a quick portfolio analysis to help you develop further on your own. See below for detailed course outline.

    How much?

    S$120/- per student (Minimum 4 students to start)

    Facebook + early bird discounts for those who sign up before 28 August. Refer to promotions below.

    Discounts and promotions?

    Early Bird Promotion:
    Pay in full by 28 August and enjoy S$10 discount

    Bring-a-friend promotion:
    Bring your friends along and enjoy $10 off your course fees for every friend that joins! Your friends get S$10 discount each!

    Sign up!

    To sign up or for more information, please visit Please email any questions to us at

    Workshop Outline

    Techniques & basics for travel photography
    - composition, lighting, sense of perspective, choice of exposure settings, approach to getting your shots

    Research & Preparation
    - Getting the most out of your travel itinerary
    - know what have been done and how you could do better. Learning by comparison
    - finding an approach to differentiate yourself.

    Useful tips & tricks
    - gathered from various professionals, helpful techniques, tips and tricks to make your images more impressive.

    Question of Style
    - everyone shoots travel images. How do you stand out from the crowd. How to find and define your own style?

    Shooting editorial stock
    - packaging your images as photo stories.

    Selling your travel images
    - learn about how to sell your images to fund your next travel

    Review of your past works & portfolio analysis

    Shooting for microstock
    - earn as your learn
    - finance your hobby in travel photography

    Note: earnings from microstock photography will be very modest for the first few months. Don't expect to profit a lot from it but the rewards from earning a little income from your travel shots can be very motivating and satisfying.

    Sign up!

    To sign up or for more information, please visit Please email any questions to us at

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    A new focus on microstock with our Travel Workshops

    Learn how to grow a small channel of earnings to support your passion in both travel and photography.

    here's an article for inspiration

    Holger Mette, a former Australian lawyer, has been travelling around the world for the past three years.
    For the first two years of travel, microstock earnings have been a good subsidizing income for his travel expenses. Right now (in the past year), his royalty earnings from microstock have grown to be able to pay fully for his current travel costs.

    You may not be nuts enough to quit your career to travel the globe for years. but it will be nice to have a growing source of microstock earnings from your travel shoots.

    Join our workshop to learn more about this.

    Important: We need to emphasize that shooting for microstock is really hard-work and takes lots of perseverance before you enjoy the results. It will take at least one year for almost all of us before you start to earn more than USD$1000 a month from microstock.
    However, we do find it truly rewarding

    email us at if you like to find out more about shooting microstock

    meanwhile, we hope to see you at our Travel Workshop on 5 September!

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    Default Re: << Photoscholar >> Travel Photography < 5 September Saturday, 1pm - 4pm>

    For those who may be interested,

    We have a photo tour to Great Wall + Beijing scheduled 26 -30 October.

    pls see for more information.

    Participants who have joined our current and previous travel photography workshops will get special deals or discounts if you are interested in the photo tours. email us at for more details.


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