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Thread: First dSLR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alvinstep View Post
    yo call pro can help i don know weather to get a cannon 500d or pen ep1. which is better
    Can you please open a new thread asking your question in a clear English and stating a few more details? The question "Which cam is better?" is often asked but still useless. Without defining criteria one cannot compare.
    If you want a cannon I doubt that Singapore Police will support this idea. But for Canon cameras you can have a look at the Canon showrooms

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    Err IIRC EP-1 is Olympus, not Pentax

    Anyway, settled with a D60. Just waiting to save up enough. Probably might add a macro lens as well, along with misc items like a dry cabinet and stuff.

    Unless some good deal comes through to me like, end sept or something, then I'm sticking with a D60 (unless the 450D prices drop further lah).

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    dont think u want to go for 450D form a D60... its a small leap ..

    I was also considering 5 mths back to get D60 new .. or with almost the same price go for a 450D .. i end up with the 450D as i like the large viewfinder and the occasionally useful 'liveview'

    either way, D60 is a great cam. Forget a change to canon's xxxD .. not really worth the money i feel (unless in future the 550D/600D is like a 5D now, haha)

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