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Thread: Repairing corrupted RAW files

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    Default Repairing corrupted RAW files

    My harddrive crashed during my holiday in China. half of my holiday pictures were inside.. but managed to cover them.. about 70% of them
    but the remaining files cant be read by Camera Raw, but they have significant normal file sizes.

    any software that can repair corrupted RAW files?


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    Default Re: Repairing corrupted RAW files

    I guess it's not the file that is corrupted but rather the file system. What computer are you using? If Mac then you'll need a recovery tool for Mac file system. For Windows you will need the respective tool for FAT32 or NTFS - depending which file system you use at your hard disk. If you are completely unfamiliar with the topic and the images have a certain personal (or maybe even financial) value then professional help will be the best option. Search the forum for "data recovery" or "image recovery" - should give plenty of information and addresses.
    For the time being stop all usage of the drive. Even mounting via USB will lead to certain write activities (especially since Windows is unable to mount 'read only') which could lead to further damages. Mac should be able to mount 'read only'.


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