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    Hi to all bros/sis out there..
    just got myself a new Canon 1000D with kit lens..
    currently still a noob, so still trying out all the features..
    not really into professional but more to photo-taking for remembrance and storage..

    intending to get a 18-125mm lens as i find that the 55mm zoom like not enough for me..
    and i dun feel like changing lens all the time..
    is it ok to get the Sigma 18-125mm lens without OS.. but am afraid that later all my pics will not be sharp..

    any pros out there for advice?


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    How about the 24-105 F4L?

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    i looking for budget leh..
    no money to buy too good lens..
    so thinking of having 18-125 for a walkabout lens

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    If u not too particular about top image quality but just for remembrance and storage..

    Can consider this tamron lens below,

    Comes w/

    • 27-405mm equivalent focal length range; F3.5-6.3 maximum aperture
    • Vibration Compensation (VC) optical image stabilisation (up to 4 stops)
    • Available for Canon EF mount and Nikon F mount (APS-C/DX format DSLRs only)

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    I always feel that part and parcel of owning DSLR is changing lens.
    How much are you willing to spend for your new lens?
    What is "changing too many lens" to you?
    What is the minimum reach of the lens you are looking for?

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    why not canon's 18-200mm lens?


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