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Thread: Using Sony power supplies abroad

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    Default Using Sony power supplies abroad

    Has anyone brought their sony cameras overseas? I am bringing mine to Taiwan soon, Taiwan uses a 110v, 60Hz for electrical products. I wonder will my sony charger work over there?

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    Hmm, i thought the charger can be used in any part of the world.. check the charger's specs.

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    most of them have 100-240v auto select charger. no need to look for a selector to select 100v or 240v, only thing you need is a compatible convertor head, since every country uses a different head. like sg is the 3 pin plug rectangle plug, den some uses 3 pin circle plug & some only 2 pin but the ground is in the middle.

    there is a list on the net on different head, can search around.

    alternatively, you can get a universal convertor at any electronics/electrical store. or at worst, go to changi airport Boon superstore, sure to have.
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    don't worry. just check your charger, it should write 100-240V if it does support 110V. anyway, i've brought sony chargers to canada and japan before... no problem.


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