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Thread: Bad Buyer Alert

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    what do you want jeff to do to less your anger? He has offered his apology and agreed to your compensation sum of money. Other then venting your anger out here in the forum, what do you want jeff do?

    whatever happened has already happened, he cant turn back the clock.
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    Default Re: Bad Buyer Alert

    Conclusion there will not be.

    So let me moderate by closing this thread and post some questions for members to judge for themselves,

    1. Title of this thread is doubtful cause it can also back fire ie is it a case of unforgiving seller vs bad buyer?

    2. Is it a case of cancellation of deal 2hrs before hand constitute one a bad buyer? in B&S ?

    3. Is demanding a high compensation for no show justifiable ?

    I feel the members should just PM each other and sort out their differences rather than just labelling the other party as bad seller/buyers etc publicly

    Anyway members can judge for themselves who they can deal from this episode.

    Me, I am no judge but just moderating and closing this thread seems to be the best way ahead.

    Ok Show end, sorry to be a show stopper.
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