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    It's Free!

    The Substation Moving Images presents
    7 September 2009
    The Substation Theatre

    First Take, happening every 1st Monday of the month at The Substation, is a popular screening of new local short films and is followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers. A platform for new filmmakers and anyone who is interested in filmmaking to meet, exchange ideas and show their work. See the future talents of Singapore film!


    “A Sense of Language” is a documentary about the boundaries of Languages, Local Dialects, Global communication and other means of communication. Understanding a language takes time but what if there were languages not written in any form of words but elucidate through speech crosses communication through generations over generations. How would we be able to sustain our value through that language? Or will it be extinct forever?

    Graduated in 2008 from Temasek Design Sch. in Diploma in Moving Images, Gabriel is a filmmaker and an avid photographer who has worked with international Press/News photographers’ at the International Monetary Fund World Bank Singapore 2006 and was a Student Photojournalist in November 2006 at Singapore Press Holdings. He is currently working on the National Day Parade’09.

    2. MTV IS A VIRUS / LING JIAN EN JOEL / 1 MIN / 2008 / PG

    MTV IS A VIRUS. WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE, HOW DOES IT BEHAVE AND WHERE DOES IT INVADE? This is a series of short animations and skits done for an open brief for the D&AD student award 2008, sponsored by MTV.

    Joel is like a crayon except human, graduated from Temasek Polytechnic Design School. Major in motion design and animation.

    3. WINTER NIGHTS / LEE HUI KUAN / 17 MIN / 2008 /

    After coming to the end of a relationship, a young woman who is living in denial must now confront the truth.

    Hui Kuan worked in the local television/film industry for a few years before moving to New York City in 2004, where she recently earned her MFA in Film at Columbia University. During her time at Columbia, she has been awarded the Directing Fellowship in recognition of her academic and professional achievements.


    Nic, Sam and Wei Qi meet every Friday to jam but one evening, after Nic was tempted by friends to skip the practice and he walks out of the room into an office and a basketball court where he doesn’t fit in. Starring the winner of Singapore’s Superband Competition 2007 Mi Lu Bing, MOMENT is a extended music video featuring the band’s music.

    David and Xiuming have been fascinated with how motion pictures are executed and the fundamental principles of filmmaking. They eventually fell in love with film in the NTU School of Art, Design and Media and are current film majors in the course.

    SUBMISSIONS ARE WELCOME ALL YEAR ROUND! For more information or to
    screen your work at First Take, please visit our website at or contact the Programme Manager of Moving Images
    at 6337 7535 /

    First Take is presented as part of The Substation Moving Images
    programme and supported by the Singapore Film Commission and has Kodak as our Main Sponsor in 2009!

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    It's an awesome monthly event, love it!


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