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Thread: How to Close/Delete a Thread in Clubsnap

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    Default How to Close/Delete a Thread in Clubsnap

    Don't think there's anything on the subject.

    Anyways, just providing a page with print screens so that people can refer members who want to close/delete threads to a page, don't need to explain from scratch everytime.

    Closing a thread ensures that no one else can make any new posts in the thread. But the thread remains visible to all and can be found in searches.

    Deleting a thread ensures that the thread is not seen. However, if the moderators so choose, they can resurrect a thread and undo the deletion of thread, for whatever reason they deem valid.

    #1: To Close a Thread

    a) Go to top of your thread that you have started. You can only Close/Delete threads that YOU HAVE STARTED. There is a little part called "Thread Tools' there. Click on that, and you should see a dropdown bar:

    For most threads, this will have Close Thread and Delete Thread. For certain sections, you will only have Close Thread, you cannot delete the thread in those sections. Make sure you have the RIGHT BUTTON selected, i.e. Close Thread, if you wish to close the thread. Common sense, isn't it?

    b) Click on "Perform Action":

    c) The thread will then be closed. To check if it really is.. Go to the last post and where "Post Reply" button used to be, you will see a "Thread Closed" icon.

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    Default Re: How to Close/Delete a Thread in Clubsnap

    #2: To Delete a Thread

    Er... Same as above, just that now you select the "Delete Thread" radio button.

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    Default Re: How to Close/Delete a Thread in Clubsnap

    thanks for sharing nai meh, i'm sure the newbies will benefit from this.

    kudos to you!
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