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    Upzzz for East Gear...

    Today i went down to buy the 2300 sanyo batteries...and happen to chat with the shop owner with regards to me charger (also bought from them but its quite sometime back)...

    was telling them that the charger gets very hot easily and charging cannot proceed...and without further ado, they asked me to bring down and changed for a newer batch which is not that sensitive to heat so quickly..

    really appreciate their services....upzzz fro them....

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    Hi ppls,

    Like to share my comments on EastGear too. Thanks for your kind assistances you've provided on my purchase of the Sanyo rechargable batteries. Missed the MO though, but they're still accomodative on selling me the price, as per the MO price.

    Many Thanks and Merry Christmas to Daniela and his merry men.



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