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    I thought you mean the Toto concert in Feb

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    i had a fren kena toto twice in one day, on one slip, his first ever win in toto,
    but small winnings only, total $100++. but TWO winnings on one slip?

    best toto prize of yr is hong bao toto come CNY..

    it could well hit 13mil pay out , usualy >5pple will win.(and share the sum)

    BUT imagine and dream of you pockecting the whole sum yourself,.....

    its an annual dream for me, and for many punters out there!

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    usually kena makan.....
    if i kena, u know what i will do ????
    i buat bodoh oni laa....

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    toto is a nostalgic band. especially the song "africa"; "lea";...etc. last time my sister got the cassette but now thrown away

    however i dont like to waste money buying toto tickets. last time my father told me that next time when i grow up i am not to buy toto but when he brought me along for market + icecream he would now and then hop by the counter to buy toto;hoping to strike a good one to feed my family better. at first i thought it was contradictory... but anyway roughly what he meant was he just didnt want us to idle our life away in gambling toto but to work hard and live life fully. when i start work and i get my first salary packet i will give all the cash to him, but i will for fun's sake lie to him and say i simply struck toto

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