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    hey to find out is it ok to bring DSLR to a POP concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.?. i heard from some that the security will stop u and ask u to keep it into the safe deposit box..any experiences to share...thanks..
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    1. Do a search.
    2. Read the results.
    3. You will quickly learn that DSLR cameras are seen by them as "professional photography" so you'll get blocked. But usually, normal PnS are ok.

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    Maybe can do it discreetly?
    No one ask you to hand around your neck or hold onto your hand, giving out the message that "you are going to use dslr and shoot".
    Maybe can try bring it in, inside your cam bag or what, then when you are inside, then try to take it out carefully and use.
    By the time you are inside, so many people in a concert, shouldn be too attractive ba..
    Unless the security check everybody.

    Good luck!


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