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Thread: nalgene bottle

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    Default nalgene bottle

    just bought this bottle at beach road today as a christmas gift for someone, just thought i can take a snap before i hand it to my friend.

    Snapped with Canon v3

    Comments gladly welcome


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    Default story

    sorry for being straight forward..

    i dont see the meaning of this shot....issit a product shot?

    Which part of the bottle draws the attention.....from my point of view, i will look at the word "Nalgene" since the title is "Nalgene" but then its so out of focus which tells me thats not the place to look at....

    my eyes wonder around meaninglessly <- got such aword or not ah...?

    maybe you can take one with the word Nalgene clearer?

    or can take from the top where u just see the shape of the bottle cap?

    not very sure but it looks like a normal snap shot which doesnt tell anything to me...sorry for the "not very good comments".... hope u dont mind...

    cheers...and enjoy your xmas eve tonite ok..

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    Hi MatthewSCL, thanks for the comments ya i was trying a product shot, hehe actually i am just a newbie trying something new, so bear with me

    Actually i am quite positive towards "not very good comments" as i believe it can help me alot in my next shot, so its really ok with me

    But no matter how i shoot, i cant seem to get the nalgene word sharp on my canon v3, mind to share how i can get the word sharper?

    Merry Christmas to you too
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    i'm not familiar with the v3, but most digital cameras have a macro function - perhaps that's what you left out.

    OT, what's the colour of the bottle?

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    yup there's a macro option and i already used it but still blur, the bottle's blue but i removed the colour in PS

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    Behind the viewfinder...


    okie, the problem is this: when you are close to the subject you wil tend to lean back and forth and thus cause the blurness (handheld right?)

    Since your bottle is non-moving so you can afford to have a setup

    Set your bottle in the convenient staging area and use a tripod. I love your lighting for this shot.. very sports-like (but slightly over)

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    hmm i was already using a tripod for this shot, cant understand y still not sharp, btw i got the background from my table lamp shining on the table, plus a thick sheet of the photo glossy paper right infront of the lamp to reduce the glare.

    Just got back from ECP from a bbq session, Merry Christmas to all


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