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Thread: need help on shutter count

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    Smile need help on shutter count

    Hi there..can anybody help by teaching me how do i know how much shutter count does my Canon 350d have left?..apart from sending my camera to Canon service centre itself, is there any other way to do it by yourself?..your help is greatly appreciated..thank you..

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    It's not a question of "how many are left" but "how many are taken".

    And please try a search. Even just searching for "canon shutter count" will get youall the information that's already been heavily repeated here.

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    I use Opanda IEXIF...

    juz google something like EXIF reader etc... u will sure find tons of sw to read the shutter count.

    basically juz snap a pic and open the reader ... it will tell u the no. of shots u have taken... that is yr shutter count... hope thats help..
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