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Thread: Trial shots using E1 at AP

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    Default Trial shots using E1 at AP

    All images are not PSed and out straight out of camera. E1 + 14-54mm f2.8-3.5

    In camera settings:
    Spot metering.
    Saturation: skin tones.
    Sharpening: default 0.
    Contrast: default 0.
    No flash

    Pic 1. ISO 400, f3.5, 1/80s, f=108mm

    Pic 2. ISO 400 f3.5, 1/40s, f=108mm

    Pic 3. ISO 800, f3.5 1/60s, f=108mm

    Pic 4. ISO 800, f3.5, 1/30s, f=108mm
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    i think they all suffer from some handshake

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    suffer from handshake is not a problem... as long as it is a good camera...

    NorthernLights - So, what do you think of the Olympus E1??

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    Default hi

    don't you find that the pictures are lacking in contrast, resolving power and kinda underexposed?

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    doesnt seem very sharp leh...

    anyway iread u gotta put sharpening to +2 to compare with 10D +0...

    1/80s still blurry, doubt its handshake leh... 1/30 perhaps. but 1/80 and the 1/60 shd be quite sharp even if handheld.....
    unless... focus **** up?

    hmm.. was thinking of either E1 or 10D....

    still not very sure....

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    Default mmh

    Quote Originally Posted by arthuryeo
    don't you find that the pictures are lacking in contrast, resolving power and kinda underexposed?
    Not really lacking in contrast. Higher ISOs will see less details. Maybe underexposed is my skill...

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    although no enhancement done in PS, but when u resize and resave your images, the image already degrade, especially using a .jpeg format.

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    Default hi

    lacking in details results from poor or insufficient lighting. Good quality len also play an important part.

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    Default mmh

    Yes Arthur,

    Precisely, the photos were taken without flash and indoors under not so bright lighting...Alan Photo...

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    Default Skin tones

    The E1 captured skin tones (see 1st pic) very naturally with saturation mode set to skin tones.

    Even at ISO 800, there is relatively unnoticeable noise (see pic 3).

    All noise filters are off. WB - 4500K, Aperture priority and shot full open aperture at f3.5 at tele end (f=108mm). Of course if shoot st f5.6-f11, the sharpness would even be better.

    This 14-54 f2.8-3.5 is a good lens in my opinion!

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    Default hi

    Depends on what you compare with. IMO and from test shots I have taken with 70 - 200 f2.8 Sigma and 70 - 200 f4L at AP using 10D. Skin tone, exposure, sharpness are better.


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