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Thread: Hyperfocal focusing at Punggol Beach

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    Default Hyperfocal focusing at Punggol Beach

    1. in what area is critique to be sought?
    Just got a new Voigtlander 20mm f3.5, I am trying out the possibilities of hyperfocal focussing. It was start of the hazy season when I took this pic, but its still pretty sharp. Took this without a tripod (not good for sharp pix I know ), shot on RAW, exposure painted on Lightroom, sharpness increased slightly. Welcome suggestions & tips on achieving higher sharpness?

    2. what one hopes to achieve with the piece of work?
    Develop skills in hyperfocal, ultrasharp snaps

    3. under what circumstance is the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)
    Got the lens from chiff the previous night, woke up at 5, went to the beach by 530 and waited out to get the sunrise, was investigated by stray dogs, who thankfully moved on, and the Indonesian haze which made its visible appearance that day only

    4. what the critique seeker personally thinks of the picture
    I like the composition, wish the background was shot on a less hazy day!

    Higher res here

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    Default Re: Hyperfocal focusing at Punggol Beach

    Sorry, but have to disagree with item no.4.

    your horizon is tilted, but can be corrected easily with software.

    On composition, those elements on the leftside could be omitted.
    Use a VERY LOW angle, emphasis on the " S " curve shore line which unfortunately, is a bit untidy, bring the viewer to the distant landscape ( which currently merge with the tree ).

    Use the tree,( or a shrub ? ) which now appear taller as the angle is low, frame the blank sky.

    Anyway, due to the poor lighting,( which no body could control ) no matter how well or perfect the composition is, the picture will still be lacking impact on its own. Perhaps with some software treatment it can become better.

    I do not know that hyperfocal focusing can turn out an ultrasharp image, maybe there is something new which I'd need to catch up. What I had known is hyperfocal distance, in which for a normal lens, f/8 being the optimum aperture, and any subject that falls within 2.5m to infinity will be in the hyperfocal distance and thereby rendered as sharp. Usually this scale is engraved onto every lenses. I/We used that for grap shot, group shot or candid shot where actually point and shoot. For refine work, still have to choose aperture and do fine focusing whether auto or manual.
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    Default Re: Hyperfocal focusing at Punggol Beach

    Agree that the tilted horizon should be corrected.
    Since TS talk about hyperfocal distance, I fopund something maybe worth to share

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    Default Re: Hyperfocal focusing at Punggol Beach

    Good pointers all, with Hyperfocal focusing I was trying to extract maximum focal sharpness using infinity focus (calculated from the DOF chart).

    I have adjusted the horizon, adjusted the exposure and cropped out the left area, any improvements seen?

    High res here
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    Default Re: Hyperfocal focusing at Punggol Beach

    Technically it looks to me as if you have achieved the sharpness that you wanted. The tree appears sharp despite you have focused on the distant horizon. Here another great link with lots of formulas and calculator. You can prepare your own table, print it and bring to any location. I have even seen Nikon T-Shirts with such tables printed on
    However, composition in terms of angle and position cannot be corrected in post-processing. All those details cabbySHE has pointed out require to take the picture again.
    Nevertheless, great moment captured. I really like this calm mood during such a sunrise.

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    Default Re: Hyperfocal focusing at Punggol Beach

    Nevertheless, as you're able to reach this location in half an hour, should do a revisit during the evening or twilight hours, might increase the tranquility mood.

    However, your effort and enthusiasm in photography, make me seen my early days. With modern hi-tec soft and hardware, website, forum etc, you've got a super highway to travel comparing to mine. Good Luck.

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    Default Re: Hyperfocal focusing at Punggol Beach

    Quote Originally Posted by Shen siung View Post
    Agree that the tilted horizon should be corrected.
    Since TS talk about hyperfocal distance, I fopund something maybe worth to share
    Thanks for sharing, it is the same theory that I'd understand. I would prefer to enjoy photography the relaxing way instead of bogging down with calculation and formulaes.


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