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Thread: Canon EOS 50D Vs. Nikon D300

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    And i did heard and read about High-end DSLRs perform better in low lights condition, cuz they produce less noise, is it true?!
    Not really, D90 is cheaper than both, but straight from camera files have less noise than those from 50D/D300. However, if you know how to post-process noise, it's hardly an issue, with any DSLR body available on market today.
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    Default Re: Canon EOS 50D Vs. Nikon D300

    You should go for d300s....... unless you're buying 2nd hand.

    Anyway, for me, i chose nikon cause of the interface and body feel. Canon just dosn't suit my hands and i just cant get used to using the interface from canon.

    If you have lobang, you can rent both cameras and try them out for a day, if not just go to john 3:16 and try them out on a weekday when its not so crowded.
    Nuff said.

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