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Thread: Canon EOS30/33 or Nikon F80?

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    Originally posted by crazyhorse

    You say that images are all that matter to you, and that all this equipment envy seems a little stupid, yet you can argue so passionately about how useful USM/SSM is to a photographer, and to the extent that you even made a few long posts. And now you can still say that all this equipment discussions seem a little stupid to you. Makes me wonder if whatever you're saying is credible......
    Well, twisting someone else's words and putting them into his mouth doesn't do much for your own credibility either.

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    Hi Guys!!

    I'm a newbie too. I am already on the verge of getting Eos30 but still hesitating. From what i know, Eos30 and F80 almost have the same features. You gotta look on their build and the type of lense which suits you best.(Correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks.)

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    haa.. your nick already EOS30... join the dark side... hahaha.. succumb to it...

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    thigns i see as cons in f80, from a event-covering point of view:
    1. vertical grip doesnt have 2nd shutter release button
    2. can't do highspeed sync flash


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