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Thread: Need advise on Camera... (urgent)

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    Default Need advise on Camera... (urgent)

    Hey all, i'm thinkin of gettin a digital camera.. However got no experience in choosing 1.. So would appreaciate if pros here could here. Tks alot..

    Primary usage is to take people's pic and maybe landscape. E.g if i take people's pic, the pic will appear to be like damn real.. PLs help on the following..

    1) DSC-W220 cost $399..
    - Wat are the goods and bads..
    - Is it worth to buy?
    - any other advice or shld i go for other camera. (pls help to state the model/brand) tks

    2) where can i get better priced camera.. Stayin at sengkang..

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    Default Re: Need advise on Camera... (urgent)

    What you are going for is a compact camera.

    You're looking at a Sony prosumer looking at the model number,

    Correct me if I'm wrong.

    Sony itself is a good brand.

    If you need to know where is good to purchase cameras,

    Check out consumers corner, there will be people to advice you there.
    Pentax K-x


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