Fully Professional PC Based Video Editing System for home and business made by people who make video gear for Hollywood and the TV networks.

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Creative Control
Boasting a stunning array of real time video effects, Pinnacle Pro-ONE RTDV elevates your capabilities far beyond simple editing and transitions to give your projects the look and feel of a broadcast production.

Results in Real Time
The creative process takes time, and Pinnacle Pro-ONE RTDV delivers time by performing up to ten simultaneous real time effects. Animated 3D effects,
compositing of digital video, titles and graphics, and powerful filters and transitions - all in Real Time. No more waiting while your tools catch up.

Power to Produce
From cutting edge, independent filmmaking to corporate video production, Pinnacle Pro-ONE RTDV allows you to deliver your projects quickly and efficiently in whatever format you desire: DVD, AVI, or back to DV tape in real time. Any project, in any style, can be quickly and easily completed as Pinnacle Pro-ONE RTDV delivers all the power you need to realize your vision.

What's Included?
• Pinnacle Pro-ONE RTDV PCI board - full length
• Professional Break-out box with analogue (Composite Video (RCA), S-Video (Hosiden), stereo audio (2x RCA)) and DV (IEEE1394 6 pin) input and output.
• Audio loop-back cable (2x 3.5 mm jack)
• IEEE1394 cable - 6 pin to 4pin
• Pinnacle TitleDeko™ RT
• Pinnacle Hollywood FX™ RT
• Pinnacle Alpha Magic™
• Pinnacle DV Tools 2
• Pinnacle Impression DVD 2.2 SE
• Adobe® Photoshop® LE or similar image editing software
• SmartSound® Quick Tracks
• Media Cleaner EZ
• Pinnacle T-Rex multimedia file converter
• User manuals - Pinnacle Pro-ONE RTDV, Pinnacle Impression DVD SE

Price: S$1300
* Adobe Premiere 6 Not Included.
* $1550 to include Adobe Premiere 6 (original).

Email: kiama@broadcast.net