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Thread: Building up of portfolio...

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    I think this thread has served its purpose.

    TS if you've gotten the answers you needed, please close the thread yourself.


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    I have been a professional photographer doing advertising type photography for the last 38 years. Am now semi-retired. Ad photography is the highest standards in photography any budding photographer can aspire to persue. lOOK AT SOME OF THE Ads MAGAZINES like Interior digest,Vogue or print ads in most good quality publications. One of the better ways is to build your own portfolio. Experiment, discover and do your own setups. In this way you know that the work your produced are really yours and the pain you go through will add to your experience. I did it this way. Look at some Ads and concepts and imitate them, but add changes to them so they won't look an exact copy. Collect about 10 to 20 different 1st class photos of products, models, Architecture, Travel, Industrial, Nature and general interesting shots. Gradually when you get your first commission you will feel more confident to undertake more varied assignments. To give you some idea. Check my Pages and folio on this website....
    Hope this helps, feel welcome to write me.


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    thank you mr henry. alright, i'll now close this thread. thank you everybody for contributing.

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