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Thread: How to charge, HELP

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    Default How to charge, HELP

    Hi All Senior

    I am about to start of with taking event photograph for some small scale function.

    Yet, I do not own 5D, 1D L lens that wish to have, only have a 450D, 17-85 lens and 430EX, do you think can start from here?

    Need to build up slowly cos no money now, I need some guide like is it possible to start with mentioned equipment and how much should I charge etc...

    I appreciate you kind advise in advance.

    Thank you

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    Default Re: How to charge, HELP

    it is not about the equipment. what u have is just fine. this forum is full of information like how much to charge etc. why can't you go through the forums and find out for yourself. do you expect us to spoonfeed you?


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