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    Hi all,

    Would like contributions to places in Vienna city centre that are worth shooting from.

    For myself, I know there's the St Stephansplatz cathedral.. but it's overshot. C'mon, chip in! Anywhere and everywhere, regardless of element.


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    Wade, the entire city centre is worth shooting! When I first visited there, I thought "My God, what a magnificent city!"

    When you're @ the cathedral, visit the top tower & have a panoramic view of the city.

    Take the public bus or walk. Visit the museums & old palaces as well. I spent 5 days in that city. Hotels are expensive though.
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    Vienna is a fairly nice place, well developed city. The cathedral is not that fantastic... Schronbrunn palace is a must-visit, very grand and quite nice.

    For hotel, i strongly recommend Levante Parliament, i didnt pay much, about 130 euro a night i think? It's well located near the musuem quarter, walking distance to 2 u-bahn stations. The rooms are very nicely decorated but not very big (this is europe after all). The lobby, courtyard and breakfast area are also very nice.


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